Dow Jones Today, And The Trend of Market in US

Dow Jones Today And Future

Dow Jones Today
Dow Jones Today, And The Trend of Market in US

Many people say that we have to buy stock on downtrend but I think today is the best day to buy Dow Jones stock, after that you have to buy whenever downtrend is high and average low, this way you Play the safest way to invest.

Consider that you will never buy a stock if you don’t start buying, the best way is to buy as little as possible, and just wait for some time, if the price goes up, sell it if the price is now Also goes down by more than 10% then buy again in the same quantity.

For example if you buy Dow Jones for $29927.10 then wait for some time if it reaches 31124.08 then sell it or if it goes down to 27533 then buy again or if you have bought Dow Jones again If not bought then this average will be 28730. This is the simplest technique.

If you play like this then very soon you will reach great heights, the main aim should be noticed here that we are just making money between difference it is also a very smart technology.

Please note that whenever news comes that market is going down there will be upside and it will go up, and all greedy people will make a big loss, only those are smart they make money, today is the best time to buy Dow Jones just because people are in fear of the stock and Sell, never do, buy stocks as much as you can, now is the right time.

The Trend of Market in US

People are in fear and many of them are selling stocks, we all know the trending Ukraine and Russian issue, people are in fear that it may not turn into a world problem, it is not everything but a fear.

I personally think nothing like this is going to happen and America is the strongest and safest place in this world, and everyone will be safe for another 100 years.

That’s why I suggest this is the best time to buy Dow Jones Today. Just some media people are sending fear shock wave to the world that some big problem is just waiting next door but believe me these are political stunts of some countries, by creating fear they will speak more and many more People can hear them.

The main fearing people are those who think they are unsafe and this is just a negative energy they have and they can only spread negative energy around, for them stock is not a proper option, stock is only for those who can understand the trend and make use of the best possible action at the best time.

Yes as I always tell in my blog that we have to take care of every minute of our life, proper use of time makes us successful in life, if due to fear we wait for good times then time never waits for you will not Just saying goodbye will pass.

Why goodbye?

If you don’t want to hear goodbye from time then take action now, we have many automated software which made trading very easy and simple, you just find them and use as per instruction and under success is your heel.

Please note that stock is not a game of greedy people, the best place for greedy people is the bed, they just sleep and cook without putting some ideas into action which in turn keeps the greedy people in one place for life .

Some greedy people just blame and they will blame others for what they have done in this world, if you have dreams then you must have a strangle to act.

Make a proper plan as to which stock you should buy, and make a list Always study which stock the market is dependent on, for example the Dow Jones is having a huge impact on the overall market, and the market movers, if the stock is down. Falls will have a huge impact on the overall market, if it goes up the market will turn green.

If you are new in the market then first study well, without actuall buying just take a paper and pen and consider you buy some shares of dow jones today, then note the price, you have to include the brokarage, normally people make loss in this which is earlear called churning, but now everything is very clear.

After doing this exercise for only few days you will get the best idea how you can start it even you can watch some videos on youtube and you can buy some best software to handle your plan Huh.

People give many random suggestions about software phenomenon, although they have not bought such till date.

Never run after unknown stock, generally when you are buying shirts you always like to buy best branded shirts, same way Dow Jones is also a very reputed stock. Dow Jones Industries.

In this article I am just suggesting Dow jones industries stock which has got heavy waitage on the market, you should buy it on your won risk, never say that someone advoiced and i bought it.

If you want to invest in small cap, you will be in big risk, they are very unpredictable, when you need money they can not tolerate any movement, some people choose to buy small cap stocks. Suggest you will be rich.

It’s not that actually money is always in the mind if you take right decision at right time you will be rich, if you keep thinking and never take any concrete step in life till you believe that you are safe If you just do some other business, just have a good shop or start selling skateboards, you can make millions of people to buy your product.

Never go after high percentage, generally people see that this type of person has struggled so much in life and he is enjoying the fruits.

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