The Best Very Important Discussion In Details Of Network Marketing

Banu: Hello Zaki! How are you ?

Zaki: Hello Banu! I’m fine, thank you. And you ?

Banu: That’s okay too. I recently heard about something called “network marketing”. Can you please explain more about this to me?

Zaki: Of course! Network marketing, also known as network marketing or multi-level marketing, called MLM. This is a business model where products or services are sold through a network of independent distributors. 

We have to build the network either, this is done by advertising in the newspaper. It’s simple and easy, we have to explain the power of the network and the great potential of earning. Actually, it works better. I personally know it.

Banu: Oh, okay. How exactly does this model work?

Zaki: It’s quite simple. A company creates a product or service and then recruits independent distributors to sell it, now the distributors make an incentive base sub distributors, in a pyramid style, as the network grows the top level distributor gets top earning, then in the pyramid style they the sub distributors will have again sub distributors like a pyramid the incentives flow in a systematic distribution of profits, 

It’s very interesting, but the disadvantage is some sub distributors are lazy they don’t work, then the profit starts falling.These distributors are often compensated not only for the sales they make, but also for the sales made by the distributors they have recruited, creating a multi-tiered revenue structure.

Banu: Interesting. Does this mean I can be both a distributor and a recruiter, right?

Zaki: Exactly. As a distributor, you sell the company’s products or services to your contacts and your personal network. As a recruiter, you actively seek to recruit new distributors to join your team and develop your network, and you must be  actively involved in the process. You have to mentor the sub distributor and always try to support them in motivating.

Banu: Sounds like a good way to earn some extra money. Are there any other benefits?

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Network Marketing
Network Marketing

Zaki: Yes, true there are several advantages to NM, and once you become distributor and starts to talk with people you will enjoy talking and explaining each point, it becomes habit because most question are very common among sub distributors, which will be very easy to motivate them and explain the details and the sub distributor will also get motivated because from the first day of work they start earning something they never thought. 

First, you have the flexibility to work part-time or full-time, depending on your goals and your schedule. 

Then you have the opportunity to build a team and generate long-term residual income. Additionally, some companies offer incentives like trips, bonuses, and rewards for top distributors.

Banu: That sounds promising. But can everyone succeed in network marketing?

Zaki: Success in every business either NM or any other depends largely on your commitment, your dedication and your sales and recruiting skills, these are very simple to acquire in the process.. It’s important to be willing to work hard and learn new skills. Additionally, choosing a reputable company with quality products or services is essential to succeed in this field.

Banu: Thanks for the advice, Zaki. How do I get started in network marketing?

Zaki: To get started in network marketing, you get plenty of opportunities on either Facebook groups or just google. If you contact them they love to give you a sub distributor, here you can start. This is the most easy method and from the first day you start earning this is the beauty of NM.

 Now when you become an expert then you  can search for companies that interest you and that offer products or services that you like. Next, you can contact an existing distributor to learn more about the company and its opportunities. Once you join a company, you will receive training and support to help you get started and succeed.

Banu: Thank you very much for all this information, Zaki. I will definitely explore this possibility and see if it’s something that’s right for me on Facebook.

Zaki: Everything is fine, thank you. You wanted to know more about network marketing, right?

Banu: Yes, exactly. I find it very interesting, but I would like to know more about how it works.

Zaki: Of course, I’m here to help you. In N M, once you join a company as a sub distributor, you will usually receive training on the products or services you will sell, as well as sales and recruiting techniques. This is very simple and easy because every sub distributor starts earning from the first day of work this is normal.

Banu: Okay, and how is remuneration done in network marketing?

Zaki: Remuneration in N M can vary from one company to another, you can even talk about this with the trainer but generally, you will be paid for the sales, without any problems, they need sale and you need money both are hand in hand right.

When  you make and those of your team work. Some compensation plans also offer bonuses based on individual and team performance, this will be very pleasant  as well as recurring commissions on repeat customer sales, this is the beauty..

Banu: It seems quite complex. How can I be sure I’m choosing a legitimate and ethical network marketing company?

Zaki: That is not true, it is very easy. But that’s a great question. It is important to research the company thoroughly before joining a network marketing opportunity. Checks if the company is legally registered and offers quality products or services. Also look at reviews and testimonials from other distributors to get an idea of their experience, it’s simple.

Banu: Thank you for these tips. One last question: is network marketing suitable for everyone?

Zaki: N M can be suitable for a wide range of people,but not for lazy people and  it may not be suitable for everyone. It requires a certain level of motivation skills, commitment and sales and communication skills, it can be developed if you need money. It is also important to be prepared to face rejection and challenges that may arise in this area, this is normal in every business.

Banu: Understood, thank you Zaki. You helped me a lot to understand network marketing. I’m going to seriously consider this opportunity and see if it’s something that’s right for me.

Zaki: I’m glad I could help you, Banu. If you have any further questions in the future, don’t hesitate to ask me. Good luck with your decisions!

Network Marketing FAQ

What is network marketing?

Answer: NM, also called network marketing or multi-level marketing, MLM is a business model where products or services are sold through a network you have or you can create a network of independent distributors.

How does network marketing work?

Answer: In a pyramid style, In N M, distributors sell the company’s products or services to their personal network or the created network, and they may also recruit new sub distributors to join their team and grow their network, with incentives.

Is network marketing legal?

Answer: Yes, N M is completely legal as long as it complies with the laws and regulations in force in the country where it is practiced. It is important to choose a reputable and legally registered network marketing company.

How can I make money with network marketing?

Answer: Very simple you can make money with network marketing, for example every one is having at least 200 friends network in now a days right.By selling products or services and recruiting new sub distributors to join your team, by Facebook ads or newspaper ads.once you sell the product l receive commissions on the sales you make as well as those of your team too.

Are there any fees to join a network marketing company?

Answer: Yes, some network marketing companies may charge a registration fee or a fee to purchase a starter kit. It is important to understand these fees before joining a company, research before you jump.

Do I have to purchase products to participate in network marketing?

Answer: Most network marketing companies encourage distributors to use and learn about the products they sell, this is advantageous for you  but purchasing products is usually not required to participate.

Can everyone succeed in network marketing?

Answer: Success in network marketing depends largely on your dedication and you have a need of money, persistence pays more, and sales and recruiting skills to be developed. It’s important to be willing to work hard and learn new skills, it is very simple.

How long does it take to succeed in network marketing?

Answer: The time it takes to succeed in network marketing can vary depending on your goals, level of your commitment and skills. Some sub distributors see results within the first few days, while others may take longer, who are lazy.

Is network marketing a Ponzi scheme or a pyramid?

Answer: No, network marketing is not a Ponzi scheme or a pyramid. In a Ponzi scheme, investors are deceived by false promises of high returns, while in a pyramid scheme, only those at the top benefit from the gains. On the other hand, in network marketing, distributors are paid based on their sales and those of their team, in accordance with a transparent and legal compensation plan.

How do I choose a network marketing company?

Answer: To choose a network marketing company, look for a reputable, legally registered company with quality products or services that interest you. Also find out about the compensation plan, support offered to distributors and reviews from other distributors.

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