Dow Jones Today, And The Trend of Market in US

Many people say that we have to buy stock on downtrend but I think today is the best day to buy Dow Jones stock, after that you have to buy whenever downtrend is high and average low, this way you Play the safest way to invest.

Dow Jones Today And Future

Consider that you will never buy a stock if you don't start buying, the best way is to buy as little as possible, and just wait for some time, if the price goes up, sell it if the price is now Also goes down by more than 10% then buy again in the same quantity.

Dow Jones just 2 years back

For example if you buy Dow Jones for $29927.10 then wait for some time if it reaches 31124.08 then sell it or if it goes down to 27533 then buy again or if you have bought Dow Jones again If not bought then this average will be 28730. This is the simplest technique.

The Trend of Market in US

People are in fear and many of them are selling stocks, we all know the trending Ukraine and Russian issue, people are in fear that it may not turn into a world problem, it is not everything but a fear.

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